Management Consulting for the digital age

Work with our experienced consultants to take your business to the next level

Scale your business digitally by working with our team. We will assess your business needs in a 2-part consultation, 30 minutes each where take our time to truly understand your business needs. By setting up an initial goal planning, we can truly measure and assess what we can bring to the table.

Two Part Consultation - Business Assessment $500
Marketing Management $2000/mo
Customer Service Center $1000-$2000/mo
Full Scale E-Commerce Management $5000/mo

Marketing Management at scale

Have the EYC Group Manage your marketing efforts

For companies just starting out or expanding to different countries, we offer full scale marketing services to the US, EU, and AUS markets. Break into untapped markets with your services or products and utilize the data provided with the tools we use to make you successful.

Social Media Management $300/mo
Traditional Media $2500/mo
Digital Marketing $5000/mo

Customer Service Management investing in who truly matters

Institute a global customer service team from anywhere in the world

Build a customer service team that to support your customers where you need them most. Need a team located in the US? No problem. Want one to service with technical aptitude, look no more. The EYC Group is equipped with domestic and foreign customer service reps to meet your global needs.Prices will vary based on number of reps and locations needed.

One Country Customer Service $1000/mo
Multi Country Customer Service $800/location
Technical Customer Service $2000/mo
USA Service Center + Technical Service $5000/mo

E-Commerce Management to scale your business digitally

Scale your business through E-Commerce

Have our experienced E-commerce team bring your retail business into the digital age. Utilize our team to build out your Shopify store and manage your inventory at scale. Increase your sales channels through Amazon's powerful FBA services and grow through PPC management services. Our E-commerce specialist and ad team will help you optimize your listings.

Shopify Management $1000/mo
Amazon Management $2000/mo
Shopify & Amazon Channel Management $2500/mo
Full Scale E-Commerce Management $5000/mo